Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Hairstyle

Well summer break has come to an end for my little Kima. I can't believe that school started already! Today is the first day of school for my kindergartner!

I decide to do cornrow the front of her hair and twist the middle section and leave the back in a pony tail. She is so excited to start school! Here is couple photos of her style.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

It’s Friday Night!

Hi Moms,

It’s Friday night, why don’t you steal a few minutes for yourself tonight! Sometimes nothing beats relaxing after a busy work week. Children demand time, energy and attention. Moms have little time for joys like wearing makeup and sleeping.

Cute tortoise cartoon relaxing -I just need 5 minutes, 5 minutes where I can watch a snippet of Scandal or Revenge. Where I can go to the bathroom in peace without someone looking for me. Where I can take a moment and breath. Is that too much to ask for?

I've found a few ways I can steal 5 minutes, 30 minutes even 1 hour to myself. To throw on some music and tune the children out. To watch Olivia and her scandal between the President. To take a bubble bath without the children banging on the door. Here are some of my tricks.

  1. Bubble Bath. I just want 30 minutes to take a relaxing bubble bath. I’ll be quick, I promise. For this I told the children that they can play on their Ipad and Nobi. Say what you want about the electronics, but it works!Enlist help. 
  2. Husbands-etc.  Whatever you call it, get someone to watch the children for you so you can have a break. I usually do my hair or nails. 
  3. Laundry. Laundry day is Saturdays for me, but I usually like to start on Friday nights. What I would do is have the children (even my 2 year old), sort the laundry and put into different piles, (color, dark, white, white socks, etc.). That’ll take some time for them to do it, and that’s how I’ll take some time for me. I can steal time to check Facebook, write this post or read a bit of my book (Better than Good Hair).
  4. Movie/TV show. Let the children watch their favorite show, that should take them 5 minutes to an hour of their time and give you time for yourself to edit that YouTube video you've wanted to do.

Turtle relaxing - 

Never feel guilty about needing a break or alone time. Don’t forget about YOU. Mommies need breaks too.